Impackt Clinics Resume
Posted: March 27, 2019

Impackt Clinics Resume

27/03/2019: Impackt Clinics Resume

Impackt's popular policy clinics have resumed.  The clinics seek to offer academics with research relevant to policy makers some clarification on how, where, and in what format to reach those tasked with making the decisions that impact public policy.

The clinics take the form of one-to-one meetings with colleagues seeking to increase the visibility and relevance of research for greater impact. Impackt clinics are tailored, informal, and collaborative endeavours that seek to offer public policy experience to complement research. Personalised clinics are held with Dr. Dion Curry, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, PCS (COAH) and are free, and are open to colleagues from all departments and colleges. To arrange your appointment to discuss how the public policy process works in the EU, UK and the devolved nations, Email Impackt at the followng address:

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